I’ve been wanting a blog for so long now but never had the chance/always was afraid to start one! But finally I decided that this is what I want to do in my spare time no matter what anyone else thinks!

I love reading other blogs and get inspired by them a lot and that’s what made me want a blog of my own! For now, I won’t be posting a lot, maybe even not at all, but once I get back to school (maybe earlier) and once I get a routine in my life again, blogging will be a part of it and I will be posting regularly. I just could not wait to get this started, that’s why I’m posting this already. (Do you guys notice my excitement? :D)

Now you’re probably wondering what I will be posting. Well, I’m completely into everything that has to do with nails. So that will be my main subject. However, I love everything else about beauty as well so occasionally I will be posting other beauty things as well. Besides all that, it could occur that I post some other things as well, such as home decor, jewelry or even diet related posts.

Now what kind of posts will I be writing you ask? Well, this will be very broad. I will post reviews, hauls, tutorials and much more. As if this all were not enough, I will create a YouTube channel to film some nail tutorials as well.

Oh, and by the way, maybe you’ve noticed but English is not my native language, so if there are any mistakes on my blog, I apologize.

Since I’m completely new to all of this, off course I appreciate every little bit of feedback that I get, so feel free to leave comments, ask me question and request a post or tutorial!

That’s it for today! I hope you guys will like my blog!

 Love, Romina


  1. Sarah @ Midnight Rambler 9 augustus 2013

    Hey just found your blog through the femalebloggerRT twitter. I think it’s great that you just decided to go for it & start blogging! I’m also extremely impressed that you’re blogging in a language that is not your first language! Good luck with getting going & looking forward to future posts.


    • Hi! Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me! I just thought that I might reach more people writing in english and I like writing in english better anyway. I’m planning on writing in dutch below or above the english part though, so that dutch people still want to read my blog as well. I’ll definitely check out your blog too!

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